Jeep-Core specializes in unique and original accessories for Jeep vehicles.  

2/23/16  Good news!  I've recently upgraded to a new CNC machine.  It's faster and more accurate, so I should be able to produce an even higher quality product with less delay between runs.  In the last 2 months inventory levels have taken a hit, and with the new machine now running, that should be fixed soon.

12/19/15  It's been awhile since I updated here,  so I thought I'd fix that!  As of tonight, all ring variants should be in stock besides the late model TJ's.  Accent lights are also back in stock.  Also of note, all sets are now shipping with wireless controllers as a standard option.  New models are coming soon!

4/29/15  2008~12  KK rings are now in stock!  Logo and non logo versions are available.  Also, early WK HEMI and SRT rings are available.  I'll have late model TJ and JK rear cup holder rings available soon too.

3/5/15  Big news!  I've got quite a few components in, so I shouldn't have any shortages for the foreseeable future.  I'm working on getting stock levels back up again.  In addition to that, I've now added SRT, CRD, and HEMI rings in stock for the later model WK and XK's.  Early model coming soon!

1/20/15  Wow, you guys and gals have been keeping me busy!  I appreciate all the support!  However, due to quite a few recent orders, my parts supply has taken a hit.  Normally not an issue, except when one of my suppliers decides to lose a shipment...  They are reshipping, but as of now, all new orders might be delayed for up to 2 weeks while I wait for parts replenishment.  I'll update here and on the Facebook page when they arrive.  If you prefer not to order until I can ship, I'll certainly understand.  Either way, thanks for your understanding!

12/21/14  Lots of new stock just hit!  Late model WK, late model JK, and accent lighting are now on hand.  Early JK should be in stock tomorrow night!

11/29/14  Good news everyone!  Although stock has been low on a few items, that should be changing shortly.  I've taken advantage of the low inventory, and have updated the CAD designs on some of the rings.  This means better fitment for you.  I've also changed a few of the kit components for easier assembly.  You'll be getting longer leads, and I'll have less to solder.  Both will increase reliability.  As always, I take customer feedback to heart.  If you have any other suggestions, please get in touch!

8/4/14  Well, after too much delay, I've finally got the new shop set up and in working order.  I'll be adding inventory over the next few weeks.  As of now, I've got some more accent lighting in stock, as well as some more WK logo rings.  More coming soon!

5/12/14  I'm currently in the process of moving locations and setting up a new shop.  Orders for in stock items will ship after a short delay.  New production for out of stock items is about 2 weeks out.  Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.

3/21/14  Lot's of new rings in stock!  If any one size sells out, I've now got the parts to make more in fairly short order.

3/9/14  Well, as some of you may have noticed, I'm out of stock on most items at the moment.  Sales have been pretty strong, and caught me off guard.  It's a good problem to have, and I do appreciate the business.  As a consequence however, I've run out of some vital components needed to make the kits for the rings.  New parts have been ordered, and are currently inbound.  I'm hoping to add rings back to stock soon!

2/25/14  I've now got 2008~10 WK and XK rings in stock!  I've got a few JK and TJ rings to add to inventory, and then I'll work on a batch of the 2005~7 WK's tomorrow.   I just added some WJ stock too!

2/17/14  Good news everyone!  After much delay, the CNC is now repaired!  I'll begin production again shortly.  I'll also have new wireless controllers, and accent lighting available soon too.  Please check back for updates.

12/7/13  Just a quick update on production status.  I'm currently overhauling my CNC machine, so no new rings will be made for the short term.  If an item is listed as in stock, then it is available to ship.  Anything out of stock, will be made after the overhaul is complete.  Thank you for your support and patience!

 10/15/13  I'll have a bunch of new rings in stock over the next few days.  All new rings will be the improved one piece design.  Jeep logo and non-logo 97~00 TJ rings will be in stock tomorrow.  ORT logo and non-logo 05~07 WK rings will be in stock very soon as well.

 9/23/13   I'm back!  All existing orders will be shipped out tomorrow.  Any new orders should ship the day after they are placed.  

9/11/13   I will be on vacation 9/13~9/23.  Any orders placed during that time period, will ship after I get back.  All orders placed before 11 PM CST on 9/12 will ship on 9/13.  I will be available via email through the 'Contact Us' page should you have any questions.

9/11/13  2005~7 WK logo ring upgrade kits are now in stock!

9/10/13  I've got limited sets of the 05~07 logo rings now in stock.  Please note they are the full kit with controller.

Also, I now have confirmed ring fitment for the 2006~7 Commander, and have added a page to the site for them. 

9/9/13  I've been working on a brand new Jeep logo ring.  I'll soon have stock in all models, as well as cheaper upgrade kits for those that already bought a set of rings and don't need a second controller.  It will take a little time to get stock in place, so please be patient.  I'll post notification once the new sets are ready.